Automizely Dropshipping is the ultimate one-stop solution to kick start your dropshipping business on the right foot. It connects you with thousands of top-quality products and genuine suppliers without you having to deal with the hassles of managing an inventory.

Here are the product updates for October.

New “Compare at” pricing rule

Busy planning discount offers and deals for the holiday season? Define “Compare at” product pricing rules in Automizely Dropshipping and let customers see how much they can save on products. Pricing rules apply automatically when you import products to the import list.

Automizely Dropshipping: Compare at pricing rules


  • Save time with automation: define pricing rules once, the next time you import products to the import list, pricing will be applied automatically.
  • Drive sales: more than 64% of shoppers wait to buy things until they go on sale. By defining a compare at price, you can create urgency and boost conversions.
  • Boost customer loyalty: draw in old and new customers with irresistible sales offers. The next time they have to buy something, customers are bound to be drawn to your eCommerce store.
Automizely Dropshipping: Pricing rules apply automatically when you add products to the import list

Add tags, select a product type, and more!

Automizely Dropshipping not just allows you to find trending products, but it also helps you to easily edit product descriptions before importing products to your Shopify and Shopify plus stores.

Read on to find out what more editing options you can enjoy with our new updates.

Optimized “Search products” page

You can now view product images and edit imported products right from this page.

Automizely Dropshipping: Optimized "Search products" page

Add tags and define product types

Tags and product types defined in Shopify automatically sync with Automizely Dropshipping. However, you can define tags and product types in Dropshipping too.

Automizely Dropshipping: Add tags and select product type before importing products to Shopify

Edit product pricing in bulk

You can change the pricing of multiple product variants in one go.

Automizely Dropshipping: Edit product variants' pricing in bulk

Give these new updates a try right away!