Why can someone make 10 million readings of a Tiktok video, but no one watches the video you made?

That's because the platform will always recommend high-quality content to users. So, how does the platform recommend quality content?

What are the recommended mechanisms for Tiktok?

The four dimensions are:

  • Broadcast
  • like
  • Comment
  • Repost

The main logic is that excellent content will be motivatedI divided the vibrato content into four categories, you can refer to it.

1. Heartbeat

The good-looking little brother or sister, or the beauty of the food, makes you feel excited.

This type of video has a high conversion rate and strong powder absorption capacity. As long as the content is updated on time, it is easy to add fans, but the output of the content is not in place, and the browsing data is prone to fluctuations or even negative growth.

2. Knowledge

Tiktok has a group of people who are concerned with sharing knowledge, common sense and understanding the characteristics of each field.

Although this type of content has a strong monetization ability and a small risk of violation, the powder absorption capacity will be relatively weak.

3. Funny

This kind of video, such as god reversal, big brain holes, and occasional conflicts, is very prone to explosions, and it is still a long-term concern. After all, everyone’s video is also for fun to pass the time.

But this type of content is fiercely competitive, and homogenization is very serious. In fact, there are countless interesting stories in life.

4.Cute and warm

Healing content is relatively easy to do, it can be a smile of a cute kid, a little cute at home, and a motivational life.

In general, there are two types of beautiful and fun, beautiful skin and interesting soul.

Remember to build visual presence as well. Tiktok is ultimately driven by visuals. And audiences on Tiktok are more likely driven by what they see. Post something visually appealing, and entice audiences to click it.

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